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We are ready for our renovation. What do we do now?

Call us on 0407 100 078 and speak with Justin Andrews, owner/builder of Abode Construction. A meeting will be arranged to discuss specific project requirements. The process from here will be clearly outlined. We will act upon your instruction quickly and efficiently, making the whole building process as enjoyable as possible.

How long does the building process take?

Every project, depending on its requirements, will have a different construction period. At Abode Construction, we use scheduling software to maximise the efficiency of the building process. Most upper storey additions or larger extensions take approximately 16-20 weeks. New homes can take 20 -24 weeks depending on the size of the home.

Why do builders quotes vary so much?

There are many reasons builders' quotes vary so much. Some may include the amount of work the builder currently has running, the level and type of resources available to him, whether or not he is familiar with the type of work he is quoting, and whether or not he wants the job.

Has a specification been prepared for the project? The specification outlines in detail the scope of work to be carried out and the materials that are to be used. This is an important document to provide to the builder as he is able to price the works according to the specification. It will also force all builders quoting on the project to price and allow for the same items listed in the specification, enabling you as the customer to compare apples with apples.

How much will my building work cost?

There are a number of variables that affect the cost of a project. Some of these include the level of finishes, materials used, site access, and technical nature of the job and level of design service provided. Each project is specific in its requirements and is quoted according to those requirements.

What services does Abode Construction provide?

We specialise in renovations, extensions and new homes. Whether the project is an upper storey addition, home extension, renovation or structural alteration, we will turn your ideas into a reality. We also build new homes to suit all needs.

We also offer a design service for customers who don’t have plans and documentation drawn. We will see the project right through from the design to completion stage, including all council submissions or work from preciously drawn plans prepared by the customer’s designer.

Can I live in the house while renovations take place?

The majority of the time, we can renovate or extend your home without you having to move out. Although, depending on the size of the renovation or extension you may find it more comfortable to move out for a period of time through the building works.

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